Pictures on this page are of puppies under or around a year old that have either been bred by Norris & Barb or are children of our labbies. All have been shared for you by their proud & loving families.

Tristan (SAR dog) & Kelly

                     "Knight" Service Dog  (6 mo Dutch Ch Rocheby Royal Marine "Sailor" x Lonnie)


"AAron,Logan"( Baloo x Madison)&Michella
"Angus" brother to Shadow                        " Cassidy"

"Lucas x Mickey Pups"

                          "Otter" (BalooxMadison)

Kelli's family                       "Betsy" & Ann

                              "Saber"                                             "Apollo"

                                "Tess"                                            "Nala Pup"

                    " Hiccup"                         "Gale"                                "Lilly"

Jeannie & Family                   "Yummy!!!!"  

"Free at last"