Upcoming litters sired by White Wing Valley Stud Dogs
We have worked very hard over the years to keep our breeding stock as healthy as possible through selective breeding,constant study & education, and monitoring with x-rays,eye tests, blood tests, etc. For this and the fact that the Labrador breed is showing serious signs of misuse from overbreeding and too much popularity, we have adopted the following policies to help protect what makes this breed so special. #1 Limited Registration is given to all companion pet puppies. #2 For approval of bitches we require compatibility of breeding stock as well as OFA on hips,elbows, and also eyes ACVO cleared of inheritable diseases. We will also need a current Brucellosis test and copies of AKC registration,OFA,ACVO,and bitches pedigree for our records.


Litters sired by Mac(White Wing's Midas Touch):

Connie Bowen, Orwell,Ohio at 440 272-5557 Litter due July 29,1999