This page is reserved for well bred older Adults or Puppies that we have decided not to include in our particular breeding program but who will make either wonderful pets or in some cases even show prospects, who are ready for their own Special loving  family. These older dogs will be current on vaccines and wormings appropriate for their age. There are many advantages to getting an older dog from a good breeder starting with the fact that they have already had some basic obedience training, have been socialized and over the first puppy fear periods, more health information will be available,  plus are they mature enough to be able to sleep through the night in his/her crate. The move to a new home and schedule could confuse the housetraining a bit for the short term but if the adjustment to the new environment and new routines are handled kindly and consistently the time needed for 100% completion of housebreaking should be very short. 

All older dogs will be sold with the understanding that they will be spayed or neutered if not done prior to placement except in the rare case of a rehomed show dog.

          If you have any interest in older dogs or pups at this time please write to whitewng@bright.net  or call 419 927 2865 for possible availability & information.    


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